About the Artist

I am a self-taught artist residing in Tennessee with my husband, Ron, and three fur children, Willa, Annie and Bud. While painting is my first passion, I also feel strongly about canine rescue. I help to support as many rescues with art donations as my time will allow.


Willa was found in a Goodwill parking lot at the age of fourteen weeks and we ended up being her fourth (and last!) home. She is our most loving and empathetic dog and is quite the character as well!

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Annie “found” us in March of 2011. She was Heartworm positive and very needy. We treated the Heartworms and she is slowly feeling more secure and part of the family. We call her and Willa “the twins” because they have learned so many things from each other that they act alike. This is a rare photo of her smiling.

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Meet Bud a 10 year old Brittany! We adopted him in February 2016. He has been a work in progress!! He came to us Heartworm positive and with horrible teeth. He is finally healthy and  seems 5 years younger already. He has been a joy getting to know and we hope to have many more years with him!

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We adopted Tug in September of 2013. We lost Cookie in August of that year and I missed having an old dog to take care of. I really wasn’t looking for another dog yet but a photo of Tug showed up on Facebook and stole my heart. He was given up by ill owners at the age of 11 and had no where to go. Enter us! We had him transported from Florida and he became part of our family. He sadly passed away from lung cancer in January of 2016.


Cookie ruled the roost here for fifteen years. She was our only non-rescue dog and had been with us since twelve weeks old. She has certainly left a void in our household that can never be filled.


Sage was our first rescue dog. We adopted him in 1999 when he was seven. We had eight wonderful years with him and he was a true ambassador for the “rescue” breed. Champ came to us in 2009. He was dumped at the shelter at the age of twelve! We had three great years with him and we miss his big head and happy smile.

If you’ve never checked into canine rescue, please give it a try. There are so many things that can be done to help and you will be appreciated more than you’ll ever know!

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