2017 went out with a bang and 2018 started the same way! Lots of work done and lots of work to do!!

I usually have a limit of one Bulldog per year since they are so difficult to do , just kidding! In all honesty, they ARE difficult to do. Lots of detail and personality in a Bulldog. 2018 has started off with an order for FOUR Bulldog ornaments! I will get thru it with the same attention to detail that I always give. Four new personalities coming up!



Dog Art for Old Friends 2016

It’s been a long time since I made a blog post!Thanks for hanging with me. I just finished my statue for Dog Art for Old Friends 2016 to benefit Old Friends Senior Dog Sanctuary, www.ofsds.org. This statue and many others will be auctioned off as an annual fundraiser for this wonderful organization. Please visit https://www.32auctions.com/dogartforoldfriends2016 and make a bid for some unbelievable items!

Here’s the making of “All you need is LOVE and a bellyrub!”

The Bond of Sisterhood

Jessica and Lucy enhanced

Jessica and Lucy

16×20, Oil on Gessobord

I received this order in October, paid in full on Etsy. I panicked because I knew I was already booked until after Christmas. The client assured me she just wanted to get in my queue and it was no rush. What a wonderful client she turned out to be! Not only did I receive this awesome photo to paint from, the dog on the right, Lucy, is not even her dog! She is the sister of Jessica and belongs to someone else! I was astounded that someone would pay for a portrait of someone else’s dog. It turns out that Jessica and Lucy are very bonded. Although they don’t live together, they spend a lot of time together and it was just natural to paint them together. Like I said, a most wonderful client. Thank you Michelle!!

Happy Valentine’s Day!

Persephone Dawn

This beautiful girl is Persephone Dawn. I wanted to share her on Valentine’s Day because her reference photos came with the most heartwarming story of love and loss. It really moved me and I hope I’ve captured her for eternity for her Mom. It was important that her name be in the painting so look closely. Persephone Dawn, 8×10, Oil on Gessobord. Happy Valentine’s Day and hug your loved ones close today!

Old Dogs Rock!


I have embarked on the weirdest and most exciting art project of my life! There is a senior dog sanctuary in middle Tennessee that I have been following on Facebook for some time now, http://oldfriendsseniordogs.com/. Last year they had artists from all over the world creating statues to be auctioned as a fundraiser. I decided to put my hat in the ring this year and made it in! There are also celebrities involved and my name falls on the spreadsheet between Clint Black/Lisa Hartman Black and Sheryl Crow! Pinch me now!!

My statue arrived 2 weeks ago. Wow, almost lifesize!! I was a little intimidated at first but dived right in.

008 004 (2) FB

I’m not going to reveal my theme just yet but some may guess already. I am so excited to be doing this. Check out the artists for this year http://www.dogartforoldfriends.org/ and if you’re in the Nashville area, buy some tickets for the gala or bid on one of the awesome statues and help support this wonderful sanctuary!!

pizap.com feb72015

Be sure to stay tuned for updates!!



2015 has started off with a bang! Usually things slow down after the Christmas rush. This beautiful girl is my first official portrait for 2015. She was an awesome subject to paint and I fell in love with the red couch she was reclining on. I’m sure the rest of my clients for the year will be equally as beautiful and I’m looking forward to a fantastic year! Bonnie (in memoriam), 8×10, Oil on Gessobord.

In Memoriam…


So often I’m asked to paint a beloved pet who has passed away. Some have been commissioned as gifts from loved ones, some from close friends and many are commissioned by the grieving owners. I hear stories of these wonderful furbabies and I grieve with each and every one. I’ve lost a few of my own over the years and I know how heart-wrenching it can be.

I’ve seen an increase this year, even painting a few who have been at the Rainbow Bridge for many years. It is an awesome feeling  that I’m creating a memorial that will be cherished for years to come. With my art, I hope to bring a happy memory that might heal even a tiny part of a broken heart.

For those who have loved and lost, they are never really gone as long as you can remember them in your heart.



I fall in love with my clients!

pizap.com clientlove

I fall in love with my clients. It’s as simple as that.

Sometimes people contact me to do a portrait of a pet that has passed away, some are gifts for others, sometimes they are just a gift to themselves. All of my clients have a special relationship with these cherished pets and I love hearing about them when they contact me. I always ask for multiple photos and stories, stories that will help me capture the personality of my subject. I’ve been told that I capture their souls. I hope that’s true because they have certainly captured mine. By the time I finish even the smallest paintings, I am in love.

I hope my clients don’t mind the hug they receive on delivery, even if it’s just virtual. Love was meant to be shared!